The Koureman ​Story


Welcome to Koureman, the ideal place for talented barbers and for people who are looking to find barbers anywhere, anytime.

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Being here means either that you want your barbershop to be found by more clients or that you are looking for a talented barber to have your new haircut. 

Our team is passionate about finding solutions that make people’s lives easier! In this case, we wanted to “bring back to life” the reliable relationship that the barber and the client had some years ago. 

Freshly shaved beards and neat haircuts in a friendly environment should re-enter our lives. 

In this modern era, men have many responsibilities and busy schedules. We consider that their time in the barbershop should be time for themselves and not an additional obligation during the day.

Therefore, the procedure from the moment they make their appointment until the payment should be as easier as possible and the result should be as close as to what they have imagined. 

Thus, we thought that by combining vintage and technology, this would become a reality. And that’s how Koureman was created.